Fixture Fixture NDP1 40K-24V
NDP3 40K-24V
NDP4 40K-24V
NDP7 40K-24V
NDP11 40K-24V
NDP15 40K-24V
FLX Stix NDPro 1W fixture
FLX Stix NDPro 3W fixture
FLX Stix NDPro 4W fixture
FLX Stix NDPro 7W fixture
FLX Stix NDPro 11W fixture
FLX Stix NDPro 15W fixture
Sidefeed Sidefeed

NDP3 40K-24V-S

The dimension is the same as NDP3 40K-24V Powered only through cable, no power supply on the input connector
Connecting cable NDPPTC
Connecting cable 150mm (6inch)
Connecting cable 300mm (1feet)
Connecting cable 600mm (2feet)
Connecting cable 1200mm (4feet)
Connecting cable 1800mm (6feet)
go tab menu NDPPC Power cable 2500mm
(Between FLX Stix NDPro& 6-way distributor)
Mounting bracket NDP-BRACKET1 Standard bracket ( Included with fixture, no purchase necessary)
(15° & 40°)
Angle bracket NDP-BRACKET2 Optional bracket ( angle adjustable bracket 15° & 45° with screws)
Connector bracket NDP-BRACKET3 Connecting bracket between fixture and fixture
Connector bracket NDP-BRACKET4 Connecting bracket between powerfeed and fixture
End cap End cap NDP-CAP End cap for FLX Stix NDPro
LED driver LED driver FLC15-24V/T

LED driver(15,30,75 watts) with 6 way distributors

LED driver FLC200-24V/T 200W LED driver with 24V connection
With 6way distributor
Dimming Interface Dimming interface FLD-V10

LED Dimming interface 24V,
0-10V/1-10V Signal
Max. 48W (48W/CH, 1CH)

LED Dimming interface 24V
0-10/1-10V Signal
Max. 100W (100W/CH, 1CH)
go tab menu FDA-L2M0

LED Dimming interface 24V,
0-10/1-10 Signal, DMX512
Max. 200W (100W/CH, 2CH)

LED Dimming interface 24V
0-10/1-10 Signal, DMX512
Max. 200W (100W/CH, 5CH)
Inline dimmer NDPDIM

Inline dimmer for FLX Stix NDPro fixture
Dimmer capacity: up to 55 watts in a row

Sensor sensor FLS-M
Motion detection sensor (AC100~240V, 50/60Hz)
Motion detection sensor (Door) (AC100~240V, 50/60Hz)
sensor FLS-M24V Door and motion detection sensor
Voltage : DC 24V
sensor FLS-P24V Human-body detection sensor
Voltage : DC 24V
Fixture dimension
Fixture dimension
Модель Питание Мощность (Вт) A(мм) B(мм) C(мм) D(мм) E(мм) F(мм) G(мм)
NDP1 40K-24V DC 24 В
1 95.7 100.8 117.9 12 11 10.6 10
NDP3 40K-24V DC 24 В
3 189.2 194.3 211.4 12 11 10.6 10
NDP4 40K-24V DC 24 В
4 280.2 285.3 302.4 12 11 10.6 10
NDP7 40K-24V DC 24 В
7 559.7 564.8 581.9 12 11 10.6 10
NDP11 40K-24V DC 24 В
11 838.7 843.8 860.9 12 11 10.6 10
NDP15 40K-24V DC 24 В
14 1117.8 1122.9 1140 12 11 10.6 10
Габаритные размеры блоков питания
Модель A (мм) B (мм) C (мм)
FLC15-24V/T 121 45 16
FLC30-24V/T 150 41 31
FLC75-24V/T 180 60 32
FLC200-24V/T 250 65 38
Fixture dimension
  A(мм) B(мм) C(мм) D(мм) E(мм) F(мм)
FLX Stix NDPro 11.9 11.2 13.5 13.5 14.5 13



Схема подключения

Side feed wiring diagram
Easy connection
  • Super Slim linear LED with spot free output
  • Quick connection system
  • Perfected with color consistency
  • No dark spot at the linkage point for seamless effect
  • Various mounting methods including magnetic
  • To be used with constant voltage DC 24V driver
  • Dimmable with available accessories

Easy connection

Easy connection

Various option

Various option DIVA3 application
Рабочая температура 0~45 °C
t° цвета 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Срок службы 50,000hrs / 70%
Питание 24 В
Максимальное соединение 55 Вт
Энергоэффективность 90lm/W