System composition for wireless Lighting control
Feelmaster is compatible with IOS and Android smart phones or tablets.

How to operate Feelmaster
• Plug in Feelmaster and decoder to its power source acocordingly.
• Search Feelmaster signal on the wifi list and run Feelmaster application.
• Enter serial number on the decoder for pairing between Feelmaster and decoder.
• After pairing, set each scene as you want and save them.

What is Feelmaster?

Feelmaster is Feelux's one and only remote control system. Feelmaster allows you to control lighting, sound, video, curtain and temperature. Simply connect to your wireless local network, and the installed application will automatically detect Feelmaster and allow you to control them with touch of your fingertip.

Feelmaster Features

  • Plug-and-Play remote control system
  • Intergrated control system
  • Compatible with IOS and Android smart phones or tables
  • Support Wire and Wireless. (RS485, WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi, zigbee)
  • Natural Light Care / Natural Ventilation / Energy Saving Optimization

Feelmaster Application for various places